Modular Hairdryer

Design/ Jiarui Liu
Photography/ Ying Wang
Year/ 2019

modular header

Modular Hairdryer Base on Circular Economy

“Modular Hairdryer” is a reusable hairdryer maintained and replaced easily. This project is managing to reduce appliances waste and increase the recycle usage times. Rethinking the form of the hairdryer with the circular economy principles, design for disassembly; maintain; recyclability;
So it is separated 4 modulars according to vulnerable internal components. Every functional modular shows the recycle times to aware users have a sustainable concept.

Product Structure
Separate functional components to become different and independent module by easy broken parts.

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Modular hairdryer 3-1528dfe8b7a04dcdbf79ddf14bfea588

Create new Consumption view to consumer.
Every modular Can display the recycle times to lead user’s consumption view.


Service Design

Consumer Experiment Journey


New System- M2C Circular Economy

Display in MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2019
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