Design/ Jiarui Liu
Photography/ Yilin Shi
Year/ 2020

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TOOLFORM-A tangible interaction tool for parametric generation of eyeglasses


“ToolForm”aims to provide a more resource-efficicent and ergonomic solution for manufacturing commerical products. It applies a self-service platform, using physical interaction and paramatric 3D model generation (grasshopper), to reduce the waste of production materials and large inventory in fashion industry. This collaborative process forms a future manufacturing interface, to allow the end-users to participate in the manufacturing process. It is a revolution by physical touch point for retail business. User have opportunity of physical interaction to play with it to design their glasses which fit their ergonomic. It also scope a unique shop model to rethink what shop could be in the future.

Future Interface for Manufacture
-Physical Interaction + Digital Illustration



“ToolForm” also provide a new zero-waste manufacture process for solving huge waste using 3D printing tech. A sobering prospect considering the UK used to manufacture 5 million spectacle frames a year. Unsurprisingly, the fusion of eyewear with fashion has generated big business — yet huge amounts of waste. Frames for glasses are cut from larger sheets of plastic with the ‘negative space’ ending up as non-recyclable waste material. along with the huge amounts of unused stock, mean that thousands more go to landfill, the now-gigantic eyewear industry now contributes to the millions of tons of plastic waste that end up in the ground, or in our oceans. Contrary to traditional eyewear production like for example metal or acetate glasses, where you cut out the glasses from a piece of raw material and dispose of 85% of the raw material. 3D printing is also called ‘Additive Manufacturing, it uses only the amount of raw material which are needed for the glasses. A process which generates hardly any waste — using only what is necessary

Real Parametric Generation of Eyeglasses
-Using Grasshopper

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User Journey




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Taking the eyewear production as an example, “ToolForm” explores my own design language through creating a new design methodology for resource-waste products, which would help the other businesses of manufacturing to grow and transform.